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About phpList

About phpList

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Legal phpList is licensed with the GNU Affero Public License (AGPL).
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  • Michiel Dethmers, phpList Ltd
  • Sam Tuke, phpList Ltd
Design implementation

Created by the phpList Documentation community


The translations are provided by the phpList translation community

The translation site runs Weblate an Open Source translation tool.


The developers wish to thank the many contributors to this system, who have helped out with bug reports, suggestions, donations, feature requests, sponsoring, translations and many other contributions.

Portions of the system include
  • Common Plugin version 3.10.8+20190914 by Duncan Cameron
  • View in Browser plugin version 2.10.4+20191108 by Duncan Cameron
  • Content Areas version 1.10.4+20191223 by Duncan Cameron
  • CKEditor plugin version 2.2.0+20190206 by Duncan Cameron
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